Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Beyonce's rhinoplasty

It is very often that someone is asking if Beyonce Knowles has had any work done on her nose in different forums and message boards all over the net. So to stop all the speculation, here's a convincing before and after photo. Notice the slimmer and more contoured bridge.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ashlee's nose is not flawless

Last year, Ashlee Simpson underwent rhinoplasty. The nosejob created lots of headlines all over gossip magazines, and many people thought that her new nose looked fantastic. But the thing is, it's not that good, and you can clearly see the flaws on high resolution photos of her:
The bridge is not completely straight, and is still very long. The tip has also gotten a very strange shape at the bottom. This shape did not exist on her nose before. But i'm glad she had the nose surgery. She really needed it.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Paris Hilton - before the transformation

Before she became the world's biggest whore, Paris Hilton used to look like this as a teenager:

This is Paris today:

It looks like she has gotten a boob job, blue contact lenses, a fake tan, cheek implants, blonde hair bleach, and collagen on her upperlip. It also looks like she has had some bridge work done on her nose. Paris has got to be the epitome of FAKE.

Staci Cole's Nose Job

Judging from photos, internet celebrity Staci Cole appears to have gotten a nose job which left her nose end up looking all bony and fake looking. It looks like she wanted only the bump removed, but to even up the shape of the nose, it seems like the surgeon had to slim it down and then invert the bridge instead of narrowing it.

Staci Cole admired Britney Spears' beauty, and wore similar clothes, hairstyles and makeup to look more like her. It's as if she was obsessed with her. Maybe she got her nose fixed to look more like her? If that's the case, Staci has yet to fix the part of her nose that is hooking down to complete the transformation. Staci Cole, like Shannon Bond, is also a commonly impersonated girl on social communities and websites. The difference between her and Shannon is that Staci is a bit more famous and was impersonated long before Shannon.

Shannon Bond's bad boob job

Yes, it has been discusssed - A LOT - when and why she got her boobs done. Some say it was because of the breakup with her ex boyfriend, some say she has been planning this for ages. But one thing that we can say for sure is YES, Shannon Bond's boobs are fake!

Cybergirl Shannon Bond

Before she became the infamous cyber girl "Shannon Bond", Shannon Leigh was just another normal big nosed girl that was posting pictures of herself on MySpace. It wasn't until she had gotten a nosejob that popularity skyrocked amongst users that were willing to use her photos without her permission. It's a small change but obviously, it made a big difference in her career as the most impersonated girl on the internet, along with Staci Cole.