Friday, March 23, 2007

Staci Cole's Nose Job

Judging from photos, internet celebrity Staci Cole appears to have gotten a nose job which left her nose end up looking all bony and fake looking. It looks like she wanted only the bump removed, but to even up the shape of the nose, it seems like the surgeon had to slim it down and then invert the bridge instead of narrowing it.

Staci Cole admired Britney Spears' beauty, and wore similar clothes, hairstyles and makeup to look more like her. It's as if she was obsessed with her. Maybe she got her nose fixed to look more like her? If that's the case, Staci has yet to fix the part of her nose that is hooking down to complete the transformation. Staci Cole, like Shannon Bond, is also a commonly impersonated girl on social communities and websites. The difference between her and Shannon is that Staci is a bit more famous and was impersonated long before Shannon.

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